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Painting in a modern interior


Many buyers of paintings often wonder - how to hang the pictures in the interior of a modern apartment, office or restaurant? And so we will now be together to understand the issue of the correct arrangement of art objects, their choice of colors and rules for harmonious placement.

If you have a need to buy oil painting not just for the sake of replenishing your collection of paintings, but to embellish the interior of your home and create a cozy atmosphere in it, you just need knowledge about how to choose and place picturesque paintings. Only carefully selected picture can emphasize all the advantages of modern interior and add solidity and a kind of charm to its owners. The choice of paintings for decorating the interior is a real art, and this matter is often djveryayut interior designers. Thanks to placing pictures in the interior of your living room or bedroom, finding it becomes pleasant and harmonious.

Different scenes and subjects of the paintings are located in different parts of the house. In any case, the image in the picture for the home should carry a charge of positive energy, because the pictures can affect the emotional atmosphere of the house. Another thing, if you order a picture for the design of the interiors of the hotel, office, entertainment, and so on. Here the flight of creative imagination is not limited by anything.

The interior of different rooms requires pictures with different subjects. The bedroom is usually chosen to pacify romantic pictures with such subjects as - gentle flowers, quiet scenery, painting with an even rhythm and in a calm color scheme. To decorate the living rooms traditionally choose the landscape, paintings with abstraction and paintings in the style of impressionism. Also, abstract paintings are used to decorate hallways, vestibules and staircases. In the kitchens, the deserved place is traditionally occupied by still lifes, paintings with flowers, exquisite dishes, draperies and other household items. In the study, pictures are usually placed on which are depicted mountains, waterfalls, rivers. Many believe that such paintings contribute to rapid turnover and the attraction of financial flows. In children's rooms place a bright painting with the inclusion of favorite characters of fairy tales or animals.

Where and how to place pictures in the interior.

pictures in the interior

For a harmonious combination of all the design elements of your interior, including paintings, furniture, carpets, etc. all of them must obey the same style. For example: Painting in a modern style will look good in high-tech interior. Also, such paintings look good in modern style rooms. Often such pictures are placed without frames.

In the classical interior it is customary to place painting in a classical manner. An example of such paintings is the painting of the 17th century by small Dutch and Flemish artists, as well as the art of the Rococo era.

Painting in the Art Nouveau style is the most versatile tool for decorating interiors in different directions - from Empire style to Art Deco style.

Classical interior design needs strict forms, verified direct and parallel lines and do not cause fuss of subjects and images. Of course, a lot depends on the individual preferences of the owners of the interior and their individual affection for this or that style. Therefore, there are no strict limits here.
Optimal, if the color scheme of the picture echoes the tone of the room. Paintings are traditionally placed on a soft and monochromatic wall surface - so the picture wins in the overall composition and becomes better noticeable. If you want to place several pictures on one wall, the same frames will be very handy. Place the paintings by aligning their bottom edge and at the same distance from each other. The wall plane also participates in the overall composition of the interior, so do not put a series of small paintings on a solid wall. Much more spectacular will look one on the big picture. And vice versa - do not give the entire space of the wall for one work, if the size of the wall is small. It is impossible to block up space. There should be a sense of air and space, avoid the feeling of tightness and arrange pictures with taste. So you should not place large pictures on a small section of the wall, especially if there are other elements (columns, doorways, draperies, shelves, etc.) on this wall,

Painting in an interior Ukraine

Do not place the picture too high or too low. They should be clearly seen from the height of the growth of an adult human. Placement of painting at eye level is considered the most optimal.

Perhaps, before you start decorating your interior with paintings, you should first look at the options for registration on the Internet, listen to inner desires or ask advice from knowledgeable experts.

We are ready to render all possible assistance in the design of your interior. If you send us photos of rooms and premises where you plan to post pictures, we will help you with advice and help you choose the most optimal option.

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