Painting of order

Paintings made to order in Kyiv.

If you have a need for real authentic oil paintings, which are written by contemporary artists of Ukraine, you correctly did that they turned to us. We are always ready to help you if you want to paint oil paintings on a certain plot, buy paintings for a gift in Kyiv, or a portrait of a loved one that we can draw from a photograph.

We do not use any printing on the canvas. All our paintings are drawn by hand by professional artists with natural paints on canvas. This distinguishes us from a lot of modern art studios. Painting in the interior always favorably emphasizes the refined taste of the owners, adds beauty and harmony to your home, hotel or restaurant and contributes to a more comfortable stay in it.

Buy a picture of oil in Kyiv

True oil paintings on order in Kyiv have always been in demand. After all, this is not just an ornament, it is real wealth, which eventually grows in value. If you want to order an oil painting in the city of Kyiv, consider the following points:

- The original picture is written only by hand, and therefore the time of its manufacture is from seven to twenty days. Sometimes more, if the picture is a lot of small parts that need a detailed residence permit;

- Of course you can buy a painting in the art salon, but take into account the fact that Art Salons use a considerable mark-up, at the expense of renting a room, advertising costs, salaries to managers, organizing promotional events, etc. With us it is cheaper, because we do not bear all these costs, and due to this we can offer our clients the most democratic prices;

- Our artists have diplomas on higher art education. We do not accept self-taught people into the team, or people whose excessive vanity prevents them from adequately perceiving reality. We believe that art should be accessible to the people and therefore we try to maintain a reasonable balance between the professionalism of our masters and the prices of paintings;

- We are ready to take on all the trouble associated with the manufacture, design and delivery of paintings. If you need a frame, or other attributes, proto write to us about this and we will happily carry out your entire order;

- We write pictures only by hand. No printer printing is used. This is the pledge of a true artistic embodiment of images and impressions, which find their embodiment on canvas. Such pictures, as a rule, are highly appreciated.

We are not afraid of criticism, and we are always happy to show our clients a portfolio that is regularly updated with new canvases.

Price for portraits

Oil on canvas portrait:
30x40cm From UAH 1400;
40x50cm From UAH 1800;
50x60cm From UAH 2600;
60x80cm From UAH 3500;
80x100cm From UAH 4000;
Portrait of a pencil on a paper 30x40cm. from UAH 300.
If you portray more than one person, the price increases.
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