Portrait in oil photography

An oil portrait from a photograph, written by a professional, most fully conveys the richness of shades of nature, the play of chiaroscuro, the saturation of the skin, the glitter of the eyes, character, and much more. Therefore, portraits from photographs made in the technique of oil painting are most often ordered as gifts for loved ones and relatives.

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Pencil portrait on paper

A portrait from a photograph in pencil is distinguished by a low price and fast production time. This portrait is suitable for students, youth. Traditionally, pencil portraits are ordered in A3 format (30x40 cm.). They are not colored, in contrast to the portrait in oil, but they are cheaper. This portrait looks good in a frame under glass.

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Painting to order

Painting has long won the recognition of collectors and art lovers. The picture in the interior favorably emphasizes the refined taste of the owner and gives charm to the room. For example, painting in the interior of the living room, bedroom, office, restaurant, hotel, etc. The picture as a gift decorates any holiday. Artists are always trying to embody the wishes of the client in the most complete way.

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Sale of pictures in Ukraine.

Painting of Ukrainian artists.

Creativity of contemporary artists of Ukraine today occupies one of the most worthy places in the world of contemporary art. And the sales of paintings are now being done not only by the artists themselves, but also by their representatives, salons and workshops that enable the world to discover all the creative potential and originality of often unremarked authors.

The gallery "New Art of Ukraine" presents an exposition of paintings by contemporary artists of Ukraine. On our site go to buy a picture of oil and please yourself and your loved ones with the subject of fine art. Oil painting by hand differs favorably from the newfangled reproductions in that it represents something alive and present. This is a real manual work, to which the efforts of a professional artist are applied, with many years of experience, education, numerous exhibitions, etc. Of course, this work can not be compared with mechanical printer printing. Therefore, we are proud that we can offer our customers only genuine original pictures. executed on 100% manually.

So, if you already came to our site for such requests on the Internet, like: Buy oil painting in Kiev, Buy oil paintings in Ukraine, Sale of pictures of Ukrainian artists in Kyiv, etc. then let me introduce you to our main services.

The online gallery "New Art of Ukraine" presents such types of artwork:
    - Oil portrait to order according to the photo;
    - Portrait of a pencil on paper on photography;
    - Painting to order taking into account the individual wishes of the customer;
    - Sale of pictures of landscapes;
    - Sale of still life paintings;
    - Sale of abstract paintings;

Paintings for sale in Kyiv

Please note that in addition to ready-made paintings, we can undertake the execution of paintings according to your individual preferences. It can be pictures such as:

    - Seascape;
    - Urban, rural, landscape landscape;
    - Portrait of a photo by oil or pencil;
    - Still life;
    - Abstraction;
    - Paintings with animals;
    - Subject compositions on various topics;

Sale of paintings of modern Ukrainian artists through the Internet allows customers and artists to find each other easier. To make an order for paintings or for portraits from photographs, we take an advance payment of 30%, as a guarantee of the seriousness of the client's intentions. Portrait of the photo - a unique thing, and we can not sell it to other customers, so we are forced to take an advance payment for consumables (paints, brushes, canvases, etc.). Pictures that are presented in our store, you can buy without prepayment. Shipping costs are incurred by customers.

The possibilities of our site allow our potential customers to view the paintings on our site around the clock. This allows you to enjoy the works of fine art, without detaching yourself from the main occupation and not spending time on trips to salons and offline stores.

We will make every effort to ensure that our work with you is as productive as possible. Our exposition constantly replenishes with new canvases and paintings, which you can buy at any time with our help on the Internet.

Advantages of cooperation with us.

The painting gallery "The New Art of Ukraine" offers its customers paintings, paintings, artist services in order in Ukraine. We try to create only the best things for you. Our artists work, painstakingly writing out every detail, every curl, so that the pictures depicted by people close to you will delight you with recognizability and refinement. We try to make a portrait of the photo as quickly as possible. However, remember that it takes at least one week to fully produce it. This is without delivery time. Many clients, having addressed to us once, already became our constant clients and partners and have estimated a number of our advantages, among which:

- A wide range of paintings in different genres and directions, which is constantly replenished.
- Ability to order paintings according to individual preferences.
- Delivery in Ukraine by the service "New Mail".
- The prices are much lower than the gallery (after all, we do not spend money on renting showrooms and trading rooms, etc.).
- The paintings submitted by us are individually tested and can rightly be called high-quality insects.
- Our artists have state diplomas on higher art education.

We highly value our customers and their exacting tastes. Therefore, every day we put maximum effort to please our customers with new paintings depicting landscapes, still lifes and portraits. we sincerely hope that these canvases will help to create real comfort and comfort in the premises of their owners. Also we draw your attention to the fact that for the production of paintings we use exclusively professional artistic materials that allow these pictorial works to be preserved for hundreds of years without changing the color or appearance of craquelure.

Painting of orders. Portraits from photo in Kyiv

Picturesque paintings, painted in oil on canvas, have long been popular and recognized. Only adherence to classical technologies and traditions in oil painting allows us to accurately and in detail transmit in the picture all the subtle nuances of form and color. And this, in turn, provides the opportunity to transfer the maximum similarity to the original in the picture. The professionalism and rich experience of our artists allows you to create almost flawless pictures in the shortest possible time. This becomes possible due to the rich experience of creative work, the availability of profile higher education and the use of only natural and professional artistic materials. Oil painting is very popular among connoisseurs of art because:

- Oil painting is always a fashionable and actual thing, ready to highlight any interior.
- Oil painting is an excellent investment. Over the years, works of art have traditionally grown in value.
- Oil paintings with good and careful storage are well preserved and will be popular after tens, and sometimes hundreds of years.
- Painting a professional can always be distinguished from a self-taught painting. This allows you to invest in really worthwhile things.
- Owners of paintings written in oil, always look very solid, beautiful and exquisite.
- The picture is the best gift for any holiday, especially if it is a portrait of a birthday-girl, given to a birthday.

We are always ready to answer any questions interesting you. Call our manager and he will advise you on buying or ordering pictures online in Ukraine. There is delivery by transportation services. And so it's not so important in which city you are in - after all the picture can be delivered to any branch of New Post, or another courier service.

Price for portraits

Oil on canvas portrait:
30x40cm From UAH 1400;
40x50cm From UAH 1800;
50x60cm From UAH 2600;
60x80cm From UAH 3500;
80x100cm From UAH 4000;
Portrait of a pencil on a paper 30x40cm. from UAH 300.
If you portray more than one person, the price increases.
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