About us

We welcome you to the online gallery "New Art of Ukraine"!

Our gallery is engaged in the manufacture and sale of paintings to order in Ukraine. In particular, in the city of Kiev, Khmelnitsky, Ternopil, Lviv and many others. others. Our customers will always be able to easily find paintings, paintings in different genres and directions. All of them are performed by professional artists with higher art education and many years of creative experience.

All the works presented on this site are performed only manually, with natural oil paints on canvas of high quality. We guarantee our customers the high quality of execution of all the paintings. We try to provide our customers with the most favorable offers in the price-quality ratio. We want to note that with the highest quality of execution, we make our prices for painting in Ukraine - as accessible as possible. This became possible due to the wide development of technologies, in particular, the accessibility of the Internet. Thus, we do not bear the costs associated with the maintenance and rent of stores, retail outlets, exhibition halls, which ultimately fall on the shoulders of buyers. Buying oil paintings on the Internet without intermediaries is quite a profitable event for most connoisseurs of fine art. Due to this, we can offer our customers prices at an order of magnitude lower than in traditional salons and galleries.

We are constantly working to expand our range. We constantly replenish our paintings store with fresh canvases and follow new trends in contemporary fine arts.

Portrait on request in Kyiv

About us

We are glad that we have found our vocation in that we give people joy and warmth, allowing us to decorate our homes and offices with new paintings. And besides, thanks to the sale of paintings, many artists can find their customers, gain a new sense of their creativity, expand their audience and get a small but popular popularity that may become a small step on the path of developing Ukraine's creative potential, harmonious growth and strengthening of cultural principles our country and its spiritual growth.

Here is our modest list of possibilities:

For artists: the possibility of free pictures on the Internet and the search for clients and admirers of their creativity;
For collectors: the widest selection of paintings by contemporary artists of Ukraine;
For designers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and cafes: assistance in decorating the interior with works of pictorial art;
For our customers: chic paintings painted in oil on canvas at the most affordable prices.

The works presented by us on the site, all without exception, undergo rigorous selection. If you are an artist, and have expressed a desire to sell your painting with our help, send us a letter to the mail box with a quality picture of the picture. You must also provide full information about yourself. Such as: Surname, Name, Patronymic, address of residence, telephone number, price of the picture. Be prepared for your customer to contact you directly. If you sold your painting on another site, let us know so that we do not mislead customers and remove the sold goods on time from the storefront.

Price for portraits

Oil on canvas portrait:
30x40cm From UAH 1400;
40x50cm From UAH 1800;
50x60cm From UAH 2600;
60x80cm From UAH 3500;
80x100cm From UAH 4000;
Portrait of a pencil on a paper 30x40cm. from UAH 300.
If you portray more than one person, the price increases.
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