Oil painting "Magnolias" 40x60cm. (Code: 1111)


Oil painting "Magnolias" 40x60cm. Sold in Ukraine. Possible forwarding by "New mail"

Canvas 60x40 cm., Oil, varnish. Handwork. Original.

Selling oil painting "Magnolia".
Dimensions: 40x60cm. Canvas, oil.
Year written: 2018.
Original, handmade.
Frame included. The frame is made of wood, coated with stain and varnish.

The picture is made in the classical manner of painting. Even the smallest details are registered. Exquisite selection of colors makes the canvas a truly rich addition to the interior.
Paintings with flowers perfectly fit into the interior of living rooms and kitchens. Also, such a picture can become the perfect gift for your beloved woman.
The painting is in Odessa, but can be sent by the delivery service in Ukraine.

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Sending in Ukraine after prepayment.
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Price: 2000.00 Грн

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80x100cm From UAH 4000;
Portrait of a pencil on a paper 30x40cm. from UAH 300.
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