Photo requirements

To get the best quality portraits of photographs on the order, we recommend that you read the tips for selecting photographs for a portrait.

Of course, that the better the picture, the better the portrait drawn from it. Therefore, take the trouble to provide us with the sources and cameras, and not reduced copies of sites and social networks. TO

If you do not have access to quality sources, or the photo was made by a layman, any photo was blurred due to a dirty lens, then it is recommended to follow such rules.

1. Determine yourself in which position you want to see the portrait in the picture, and select a photograph with the appropriate pose and angle. The artist will be guided by these photos.

2.Photographs for writing portraits should be as clear as possible. It is optimal if it is an original camera image file. These files with photos you can bring to a USB flash drive, drive, transfer via WiFi at a meeting, or send us an e-mail. If you do not have a digital version of the photo, and there is a paper, printed version, you can send us this photo at the meeting, or scan it in the nearest copy center and send us an e-mail scanned file with a photo for work.

3.Photography must meet the minimum quality standards. This means that it must have a sufficient number of pixels per inch, so that the artist is able to distinguish the smallest details (such as wrinkles, moles, wrinkles, eyelashes, hair, glare in the eye, etc.) when approaching. The photo should not be soapy or vague. Sometimes, when photographing on a mobile phone, people do not notice the dust and dirt on the phone's lens. Therefore, before taking a picture, the lens itself must be wiped with a dry cloth, and then photographed so that all contours and outlines are sharp. Another mistake in photographing is a too dark room, where photography or photography is taken against the light. When photographing in a dark room, the pictures will be blurred, and against the light - too dark. Neither one nor the other option is suitable for writing a professional oil portrait.

4.To write a portrait of oil on canvas on photography requires one quality photograph. It is possible to add a few extra. All paper photographs are returned to their owners upon completion of work. There are small combinations of hairstyles, ornaments and attributes from different photos.

If you do not have a photo in good quality, we can try to write a picture for you, but without a money back guarantee, if you do not like the work.

The position of the person on the portrait in full growth or up to the waist

On the portrait on the chest, where the total size of the portrait is 40 to 50 cm, you can write a face 18-20 cm (the distance from the chin to the crown). If you portray a person portrayed to the waist at the same size (40 * 50 cm), the face in the future portrait will decrease to 14-17cm, and the full-length portrait will be 3 cm in portrait size (this is very small for a portrait). Accordingly, if you want the person portrayed to be depicted in the portrait to the waist or in full height, you need to increase the size of the future portrait.

Choose a photo for a portrait in oil on canvas:

- If you do not have photos of the proper quality, we can recommend a professional photographer.

- Suitable photos for portraits can be sent to us personally at a meeting in the city of Khmelnytsky or sent to our e-mail box.

Additional services when ordering portraits by oil painting. Our professional capabilities allow:
- Draw a color portrait using black and white photographs;
- Draw people from different photographs in one portrait;
- Add outfits and attributes of professional activity (for example, a woman "dressing" in another dress, a man e add a tie, suit, etc.);
- Add or remove a background in the picture. It is also possible to draw portraits on the background you specify;
- Remove unnecessary people from the photo, etc.
- Remove or add glasses to the portrait;
- Remove or add hair;
- Remove too noticeable defects in appearance (fat folds, warts, wrinkles, abrasions, scars, bruises, etc.);
- Remove or add a tattoo on the portrait and much more.

Prices for such services are discussed separately.

Portrait on a photo to order Khmelnitsky

 A portrait of the oil on request in the city of Khmelnitsky will present a lot of joyful emotions and brighten up any celebration. Often please your loved ones and give them luxurious portraits with close people depicted on them, and then a good memory of you will be kept and transmitted along with the portrait from generation to generation.

Price for portraits

Oil on canvas portrait:
30x40cm From UAH 1400;
40x50cm From UAH 1800;
50x60cm From UAH 2600;
60x80cm From UAH 3500;
80x100cm From UAH 4000;
Portrait of a pencil on a paper 30x40cm. from UAH 300.
If you portray more than one person, the price increases.
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