Prices for oil portraits

Your attention is given to the range of prices for the production of artistic portraits of photography.

Prices depend on the size of the canvas, the number of people depicted and the terms of execution.

Prices for portraits of oil on canvas:

    20х30 30х40 40х50 50х60 60х80
1   1 person
Uah 1000
UAH 1400. UAH 1800. UAH 2600. UAH 3500.
2   2 person
Uah 1300
UAH 1800. UAH 2500. UAH 3400. UAH 4000.
3   3 person
- UAH 2200. UAH 3000. UAH 4000. UAH 4600.
4   4 person
- UAH 2800. UAH 4000. UAH 5000. UAH 5600.
5   5 person
- - UAH 5000. UAH 6000. UAH 6500.
6   6 person
- - - UAH 6500. UAH 7000.
Deadline: 10 to 20 business days.

Characteristics of portraits made to order, written in the technique of oil painting:

    The portrait is a real original oil painting, which is written by hand on canvas. The canvas is fixed on a wooden stretcher;
    At work professional professional materials are used, which differ light fastness, absence of toxic components, resistance to moisture and mechanical influences;
    The length of storage of such a portrait allows you and your friends to enjoy the freshness of colors, the play of chiaroscuro in its original form, even after decades;
    Such paintings can eventually acquire high value, as they are written in a single copy by professional artists with a worldwide reputation, and only by hand;
    Writing oil portraits to order on a photo requires a fair amount of skill, experience and knowledge, which are achieved through many years of training. Hence the price of portraits is formed;

How the price for a portrait of oil is formed from the photo:

    The prices for portraits on photographs and oil paintings are relevant all the year 2018-2019;
    Here the price is indicated, without taking into account the frame, without taking into account the transfer, without taking into account the drawing up of documents for the export of paintings of foreign countries;
    In order to name the exact price for our work, you must carefully read all the details of your order;
    The price affects the size of the picture, the number of people depicted, the number and degree of registration of clothing, background and accessories;
    We take a deposit for materials in the amount of 20-30% of the total cost of work;

The classic version of the portrait from the photo is the oil painting technique. She is also the most expensive. If you have a limited budget, you can order a portrait to be drawn in pencil on paper, or pastel crayons on paper.

Formation of the price of the picture:

Prices for oil paintings - one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet in 2017. How much does it cost to order a portrait of the artist in Kyiv? For how much you can buy an oil painting? For how much you can buy an oil painting? Portrait of the photo price, sale of oil paintings prices, Painting to order in Kyiv, etc. We will try to briefly explain to our dear visitors how we approach the formation of prices for painting. Of course, now, in a situation where market offers are not limited by anyone, everyone is trying to grab a "piece fatter". Often happens so that the paintings are sold not by the artists themselves, but by representatives of galleries, salons, second-hand dealers and speculators. Naturally. they lay their interest in the price of a picture, which is sometimes prohibitive. Another important item of expenditure that falls on the shoulders of buyers of painting is the cost of advertising, the cost of renting a room, salaries for managers, utilities, etc. which are invariably present when buying paintings in art salons, galleries or in exhibition halls. Therefore, if you want to save money, communicate directly with the artist, because the artist is busy with creativity and devotes all his time only to him. The artist does not engage in haggling, stuffing prices, buying up paintings to earn money, etc. Most professional artists - people are very far from self-interest and pursuit of fame and money. This they differ from the representatives of galleries and art salons. Prices for paintings written by professional artists will always not be so high, if you find a way to communicate with the artist directly.

And it is we who provide this opportunity. Therefore, our prices for oil paintings in Kyiv are available, and always an order of magnitude lower than in the salons and galleries. For example, oil painting, size 50x60 cm, will cost only 2000 UAH. This is even less than $ 100, although the price of 100 conventional units is considered the standard for paintings of this size. The remaining prices can be seen at the beginning of this article. The final price for a picture can be called only after a complete analysis of your order, for example - how many people are on the portrait, what style of painting you are most impressed with, what painting technique you are interested in, etc. So do not hesitate to ask questions that we will gladly answer.

Oil paintings in Kyiv

So, if we discard the costs of advertising, rental of exhibition halls, salaries, utilities, and other expenses, which we DO NOT carry, since we do not have our own art salon, it is not difficult to calculate that the prices for the paintings that we offer are of:

        Cost of consumables for painting a painting (canvas, stretcher, paints, brushes, solvents, auxiliary materials and tools);
Techniques of painting, in which the picture will be painted (oil on canvas, karandsh on paper, pastel, sanguine, sauce, etc.);
The complexity of the picture, the number of details, the number of portraits, the abundance of small forms, etc .;
Total amount of time spent writing a picture;
The style of painting. For example, a still life in the Dutch style will be prescribed longer than the Impressionist landscape. The price will depend on this.

Payment of pictures:

Please note that we always charge a prepayment when ordering oil paintings. This is to ensure that the customer is not lost. Paints are now expensive, and the prices for them are growing, so we need to be sure of the client's integrity and its solvency.

Prepayment for a future picture can be made on the Privatbank card. The remaining amount can be transferred to the artist at a personal meeting in the city of Kyiv, or to transfer money to a card account through a bank, or through the serviceman "Privat24". Another way to pay for our work is to calculate in the Novaya Pochta department when we receive the picture by "cash payment." At any stage of writing a custom-made picture in Kyiv, photos of a certain stage of work can be sent to the client.

How is the delivery of paintings?

You can get a picture ordered from us in Ukraine in many ways. The most simple and free way to deliver paintings, this is a meeting with our artist in the city of Kyiv. You will only need to make phone calls and arrange an appointment. The second way will suit those who live in other Ukrainian settlements and abroad. This is delivery using courier services. For example, in Ukraine the most popular of them is "New Mail".

Delivery time of the painting: If the painting is dry and ready for transportation, its delivery will not take much time. when meeting in Kyiv it will take one day. At delivery by "New mail" - from two up to three days, depending on remoteness of the addressee from the city of Kyiv.
The cost of delivery of paintings in Ukraine: the delivery of paintings by the service "New Mail" is about 100 hryvnia. Including not only transportation is included, but also packing in cardboard and stretch film, which ensures gentle shipment.

Summarize this narrative can be a small summary. As you can see, buying paintings is not a difficult task. Buy paintings on the Internet directly from the artists are much more profitable than the dealers from the art salons and galleries. Prices for paintings in Kyiv are very affordable. And to deal with the author of a picture is always more pleasant and interesting than with people whose interest is only in profit. Also, during the work on the painting, the artist can send you pictures of his work. You can make adjustments and your vision for the future of the canvas. In a sense, you become a co-author of something eternal and spiritual. Would you be given such an opportunity by the gallery owners and top managers, whose goal was and will be only the increase in sales? Also you can get any advice from the artist regarding your order.

Price for portraits

Oil on canvas portrait:
30x40cm From UAH 1400;
40x50cm From UAH 1800;
50x60cm From UAH 2600;
60x80cm From UAH 3500;
80x100cm From UAH 4000;
Portrait of a pencil on a paper 30x40cm. from UAH 300.
If you portray more than one person, the price increases.
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