Oil portrait of order

Manufacturing of portraits to order Oil on canvas.

Oil paints began to be used in painting from the 15th century. The first discoverer of oil painting is the artist Jan van Eyck. It is known that plant oils for the preparation of colorful mixtures have been used since antiquity. Encaustic paints used in antiquity included not only wax, but also linseed oil.

The study of many sources that have survived to this day - treatises, notes, manuscripts - allows contemporary art historians to assert that painting with oil paints has been actively used by artists since the thirteenth century.

To date, painting with oil paints is considered the most popular, among other techniques (such as watercolor, pastel, tempera and acrylic). A dye based on oils has gained such popularity due to a number of advantages over other colorful substances, such as watercolor, acrylic, gouache, tempera, etc. First, after drying, oil paints hardly change their color. They do not lighten or darken, which allows the artist to create his masterpieces without being distracted by the amendments in tone. Oil paints dry for a long time, which makes it possible to make adjustments during operation, and also achieve soft color gradations.

The portrait painted by the artist in the technique of oil painting most fully conveys the richness of the shades of living nature, the play of light and shade, the richness of the skin, the brilliance of the eyes, the character, and much more that you want to capture in the picture. Such portraits are practically not subject to stripping, fading (if not stored under the sun's rays). And thanks to the use of original and expensive paints and solvents, such a painting can be passed down from generation to generation for many years without being exposed to shattering, cracks or detachments.

You can order a portrait of oil on canvas with us. Our gallery offers its services in Ukraine. There is a transfer to the cities of Ukraine. The oil painting on the order in the city of Kyiv is performed completely manually, by applying oil paints to the canvas.

In comparison with other techniques of painting (dry brush, pencil, sanguine, coal, watercolor, pastel), the technique of oil painting has a number of significant advantages. Among them, the most significant is durability, resistance to changes in temperature and humidity. Oil painting is not afraid of water and dampness. Resistant to mechanical influences, by splicing with paintings written on paper or cardboard. Also in the oil painting you can transfer much more colors, shades, all sorts of details or the smallest nuances that make contemplation of paintings especially enjoyable.

The production of a portrait with oil on canvas usually takes from seven to 14 days. The portrait during this time passes several stages of production. At the initial stage the best photos are taken, sketches are made, the stretcher is prepared, the canvas is stretched on it. Then the canvas is ground in several layers and dried.

Then on the primed canvas the artist with the help of thin brushes, or coal, draws a drawing - outlines of the future portrait. The drawing also serves as the basis for the future composition of the picture. When the picture is ready - done underpainting - is a quick registration in several basic paints with a thin layer, in order to determine the main color accents, and a tone layout.

When the underpainting is dry, the first paint layer is prescribed. Here the artist builds the main color relationships, sets the overall coloring of the picture, gives it volume and space. By mixing colors, shades for the cheeks, lips, eyes, clothes, background, and everything else are selected. Such layers with interruptions to drying can be several - depending on the timing and complexity of the work. Usually it is two or three layers, each of which more and more brings the painting to the ideal closer.

Oil painting on order in Kyiv

At the final stage, fine details are specified, glints, hairs, cilia, moles, etc. are prescribed. That is, the picture is brought to perfection due to the registration of the smallest details, folds and other things. After drying, the painting is usually varnished.

Why can not it be done quickly and at a time? Because art does not tolerate fuss. Because quality things can not be done quickly. Because the fresh paint is smeared and must be allowed to dry, so that it does not stain the brush and does not mix with the subsequent layers. Because to apply the next coat of paint is much more convenient and effective for the dried out previous layer.

As you can see, portraits of oil on order are created by painstaking and long labor, which requires time and attention. And so the price for such work is completely justified. The reward for patience and cash costs will be an amazing picture, shimmering with rich shades and refinement of forms that will make your interior truly noble and comfortable.
Portraits in the technique of oil painting look really bright, impressive, elegant, stylish and expensive. The expressive possibilities of this technique of painting are very extensive. Many believe that only this technique allows artists to create real masterpieces of fine art in the genre of portrait.

Price for portraits

Oil on canvas portrait:
30x40cm From UAH 1400;
40x50cm From UAH 1800;
50x60cm From UAH 2600;
60x80cm From UAH 3500;
80x100cm From UAH 4000;
Portrait of a pencil on a paper 30x40cm. from UAH 300.
If you portray more than one person, the price increases.
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